Victaulic Sprinkler Fittings Submittal

Victaulic® VicFlex™ Sprinkler Fittings. Series AH2 and AH2-CC Braided Flexible Hoses. 10.85. 1. System No. Location. Submitted By. Date. Spec Section.

Victaulic® VicFlex™ Sprinkler Fittings and Style AB7 Brackets shall not be intermixed with other. Refer to the specific product submittal for applications and.

Style 177 Quick-Vic™ Flexible Coupling for Steel Pipe… 79. Style 912 FireLock Low-Profile Sprinkler-Tee. (Available in Europe Only). Refer to all pipe preparation and groove specification sections of this manual for detailed.

175 psi/1375 kPa/12 bar. Victaulic® VicFlex™ Sprinkler Fittings. Style AB6 Bracket. 10.90. 1. System No. Location. Submitted By. Date. Spec Section. Paragraph.

End of branchline elbow fitting for sprinkler connection. Spec Section. Please see applicable coupling publication for performance, or contact Victaulic for.

Find products for your specs, application or business needs. Explore state-of- the-art couplings, sprinklers, fire protection, and piping applications.

Rigid coupling – does not allow for movement, similar to a flanged or. Vic- Flange Adapter (Style 741). 7. Vic-Flange Adapter (Style 743). 7. Fittings page. Elbows. 8. the piping system installer, designer, specification writer and owner as a.

Victaulic Firelock™ Installation-Ready™ Fittings are the most innovative change to fire protection fittings since Victaulic originated the grooved concept.

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. protection products & systems including sprinklers, fire extinguishing & fire suppression systems, pipe couplings & fittings, devices & tools used in commercial,

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Sprinklers shall be referred to on drawings, submittals, and other documentation, ASTM A126-B – Gray Iron Castings for Valves, Flanges, and Pipe Fittings.

Victaulic® FireLock™ IGS™ Installation-Ready™. Style V9 Sprinkler Coupling. 10.65. 1. System No. Location. Submitted By. Date. Spec Section. Paragraph.

Pricing includes: pipe couplings, fittings, valves, pump drops & other mechanical pipe system products, fire protection products (devices, sprinklers, accessories,

Victaulic is a developer and producer of mechanical pipe joining systems and is the originator. Victaulic specializes in the development of couplings, valves, and fitting technologies for a variety of industries. Victaulic Sprinkler Heads / Sprinkler Systems, Grooved Valves / Grooved Pipe Fittings, and expansion joints.

A gasket encompassed by the coupling housing is wrapped around the two. Devices, valves, couplings, fittings, flexible sprinkler fittings, hole cut products and.

FireLock full-flow elbows and tees feature CAD-developed, hydrodynamic design , affording a shorter center-to-end dimension than standard fittings. Noticeable.

Victaulic Fittings d. Hole and Branch Outlets e. Victaulic Valves f. Sprinkler Heads g. Victaulic Specialties. 3. Execution. B. Submittals: 1. Fire Protection products.

1 VicFlex™ Sprinkler Fitting System. fittings for a wide variety of sprinkler system applications including:. a new, patented IGS groove specification, optimized.

Reference list of engineering submittals for Victaulic mechanical pipe joining & fire protection products, including coupling, sprinklers, etc. View, download or.

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